Generate standard curves: Use spiked samples at known concentrations of target pathogens to generate a standard curve in blood, urine, or feces with your homemade apparatus.

Record sample traces: Collect real-time LAMP reaction traces from blood, urine, or feces specimens.

Analyze sample data: Instantly analyze sample traces against a standard curve to identify bacterial presence and concentration in each well.

Export traces for further analysis: All LAMP traces are saved to a run file, which can be accessed on a personal computer (as a .csv file) for in-depth analysis of each sample.

Live monitoring of 36 samples: Fluorescence signals from up to 36 samples are displayed live during the run for visual and numeric reaction monitoring.

Record LAMP reactions in real-time: The Bacticount app can be used to record any compatible LAMP reaction in real time, and is not limited to pathogen analysis.

Disclaimer: Bacticount is a proof of concept for the scientific community, and has not been approved to diagnose or treat any disease.