Urinary tract infections are among the most common infections in the United States, however testing still requires expensive equipment and takes more than 18 hours to get a result. With the Bacticount app and a new test kit, urine specimens can now be tested in about an hour using a smartphone and an apparatus that costs less than $100 to construct.

Bacticount uses a smartphone to diagnose patient specimens

Bacticount is a tool for identifying and quantifying bacteria from patient specimens (urine, blood, or feces) anywhere in the world. The smartphone camera is used to measure a chemical reaction and determines a diagnosis in about an hour.

How it works: Bacticount was developed for use with smaRT-LAMP reaction protocols, as described in our EBioMedicine publication. It relies on a DNA detection reaction termed LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification) in a reaction kit, and is mixed with samples which are monitored by the app. When a pathogen is present, probes bind to bacterial DNA, fluorescent dyes in the lab kit are then released and begin to fluoresce. With more bacteria, there is more DNA, and fluorescence occurs earlier. The app measures when the fluorescence begins, and interprets how many bacteria are present based on this timing.

Download Bacticount for Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones here at our download page. Due to camera calibration requirements, Bacticount is not compatible with other phone models.


Disclaimer: Bacticount is a proof of concept for the scientific community, and has not been approved to diagnose or treat any disease.