Bacticount is an app for quantifying bacteria using a smartphone. Read the full paper on EBioMedicine.

Download the Bacticount app here: It was developed for Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones. Due to careful scientific camera calibration requirements, Bacticount is not compatible with other phone models at this time.

Download ES File Explorer: The Bacticount app also requires either the native Android files explorer app or a popular alternative, ES File Explorer.

The source code for the Bacticount app is posted on Github for modification with Android Studio. Download the source code here.

How to use the app: A tutorial is included in the app. Click here to download a copy of the tutorial.

Example reaction data: Download an example standard curve and sample file. To use:

  1. save these to your phone

  2. open the Bacticount app

  3. select “Start Bacterial Analysis”

  4. select “Urine”, and “3. Select and view results”

  5. press ‘Select “.pasc’ file” (select this example standard curve)

  6. press ‘Select “.parr’ file” (select this example)

  7. finally, press “Run BACTICOUNT analysis!” to view results. An analysis report is also saved as a text file.

Disclaimer: Bacticount is a proof of concept for the scientific community, and has not been approved to diagnose or treat any disease.